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Local Commercial Moving Specialists

At General Movers, we bring our years of knowledge, a solid work ethic, careful planning, and of course, power! Our commercial movers will assist you with the following moving services if you choose to get in touch with us:

Prepare your move. You may rely on us if you're moving your business locally,  our office movers will respond to your inquiries, follow the moving schedule, and assist you while you relocate.

  • Make a moving schedule that complies with your operating requirements.


  • Determine when you are least busy and make plans appropriately.


  • Organize with important team members to assist them in getting ready for the relocation.


  • Every item of machinery, furniture, electrical device, document, etc. should be documented.


  • Use high-quality packing materials to efficiently package everything, and accurately label everything.


  • Divide the process into manageable, smaller steps; this is particularly important for larger businesses.


In-person assistance from our commercial movers will be provided at both your present and prospective business sites. By doing so, we can evaluate any logistical challenges and determine the quickest and most effective route to relocate your company.


We can lessen the effect on your workflow by figuring out where everything from your old workplace needs to go in your new corporate location. Finally, you can be sure that the furniture and materials for your office will be moved safely.

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A Stress Free Move

You shouldn't panic if you have questions concerning the office relocation process. After many years of practice, our movers mastered the art of accommodating the unique requirements of each client. Since protecting your office equipment, devices, and furniture during a move is our first priority, here's how we go about it:

First and foremost, our office movers will make sure to keep a record of where your office items have been placed. We will be able to tell if everything is packed properly whether it is full of pricy furniture, big and heavy electronics, or critical documents.

Everything that we pack is secured and labeled so that we can maintain track of the moving boxes. Additionally, you can keep track of all of your office supplies in this manner.

Your crucial workplace files and papers are safe with us. Nothing will be misplaced during transit, we promise.

Your computer and printer cords are not a concern. We will reconnect them to a new location after the move.

It can be really difficult to transport expensive office furniture. Your office furniture will be disassembled and reassembled by our commercial movers. We do this so that we can safely pack and transport it without making any damage.



Your timetable is really significant. You could want to move your business across one or more weekends. By doing this, you could lessen the effect on your company's services during regular business hours. Together, we'll create a commercial moving schedule that satisfies your time constraints. We will also take into account any additional technical factors, such as delicate or fragile equipment.

Of course, money is a factor as well. You want to minimize the impact on your company while still ensuring that you get the best commercial moving service possible.



Finally, we recognize that a business relocation in Michigan effects more than simply the corporate climate. It has an impact on both you and your staff. If you require assistance moving employee families or any other service pertaining to the personnel at your company. We can assist in any scenario.

Your business relocation is a significant task. The relocation procedure entails numerous steps. Fortunately, we have a plan that makes sure that everyone is aware of their duties. Additionally, we will keep track of everything at your office. Your upcoming workplace relocation project will go smoothly, so you can be sure of that.

Give us a call to request an honest and free commercial moving quote from one of the most respected commercial movers. You shouldn't choose a commercial mover based just on price. Look for the best deal instead. A commercial relocation strategy that matches your budget can be developed by skilled commercial movers like us. We'll also make sure to provide the most effective service we can.


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