The Exodus in the West: Americans Constantly on the Move

It happened countless times in the past. The average man grabbing his valuables and packing them on to his trusty mule, movers in southeast Michigan grabbing whatever’s left of their rations into barrels and satchels, and women and children heading off with their husbands to move east, all for the promise of prosperity by means of gold. Or when the government began, blasting their propaganda messages over the airwaves to tell young men to enlist to fight in the eastern front while they encourage women to aid in the war effort by becoming factory workers for the war factories in the eastern part of the country. Or when your next door neighbor packs his bags and tells you he’s moving to Colorado or North Carolina, though you may or may not care in the first place.

People have long had a history of moving from one place to another in this great expanse of land we know as the U.S. but has it ever occurred to you why Americans move a lot? You may be guilty of this and there’s nothing wrong about it. People move a lot maybe because of their experiences turning into bitter memories, somehow stuck in a town they once called home. Some move to become closer to their families or loved ones. And some are in it for the notion of being a drifter, forever moving from place to place, experiencing everything there is to experience in this country. Yes, the thought of moving indeed captivates the mind.

Though this may be true in a sense, another factor that pushes people to move so often is work. Even before, people have been moving from one place to another in search of greener pastures. Movers in southeast Michigan for example, are noticing an increase of work related migrations from clients. Workers and employees all around the country admit to moving because the work no longer pays the bill. Some would argue that moving would have better hopes for them regarding work and pay. These people tend to move to places with better economic growth, such as how townsfolk would usually migrate to the city to earn big.

You may have read or watched a couple of movies in the past where the protagonist moves to places like New York right after finishing high school. Now you may think that that’s just a made up piece of fiction but realistically speaking, thousands of American citizens are currently relocating to one part of the country as you are sitting down and reading this blog. We cannot blame them for doing so, as stated before, people move from place to place to make something out of themselves, to get a piece of the pay. They migrate to other states to hopefully get a piece of the American dream.

Taking this into account, it has been seen that Americans move more than Europeans in general, maybe because of the recession the country is experiencing wherein employees must work longer to meet their own personal quotas or risk losing income. It may also be because of the laws binding employees where employers are capable of implementing overtimes and relocations to fit the needs of their businesses. Or it may also be the fact that the country caters to practically the same language. If one would look at moving in terms of language barriers, America is ideal as one would be able to move from the east coast to the west coast and still manage to understand the people there, as compared to moving in Europe where people have different languages. Europeans would usually think twice before migrating to another country because of communication barriers alone.

The average American is said to migrate 10 – 11 times in his or her entire life. Some have been so accustomed to moving that they move from place to place each year. Though the immigration of people in the United States has been fueled mainly because of work, some have argued that workers are not as active as before; this is mainly due to the recession. Stiffer prices and rent make it a lot harder for the average American to move. Even so, the recession does not entail that Americans would stop moving any time soon. Stiffer prices and rent in their current area would also push them to move to states that cater to cheaper commodities and rent. Once their jobs are no longer able to keep up with the increasing prices, the trend continues and the person would move again.

It seems as though America’s trend of constant movement will be a part of our culture for years to come. No matter what your reason is, we at General Movers Incorporation are ready to provide you with the needed information in order for you to move without the additional stress. We understand that moving can stress you out, and can even put a strain on your financial status. Don’t let the process of packing and hauling add to your stress. We are professional movers in southeast Michigan dedicated to helping you move to your new location easily. For more information, don’t hesitate to call our numbers or leave us a message in our website. Choose the most convenient way to move, choose General Movers Incorporation today!


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