Guaranteed Safe Packing Services in Plymouth, MI

The cool, crisp climate of Plymouth, Michigan is a welcome respite from scorching summer days in other states. Make your move to The Village Of Homes and be as stress-free as possible with General Movers, Inc. We are among the most well-known Plymouth, MI packing services with years of experience and dedication in commercial and residential-type moves.

Our staff treat valuables and furniture with great care as we move them across Southeast Michigan. Our unique strap system keeps items as valuable as appliances and electronics safe even as they are maneuvered through small spaces. Our professional movers also keep all our dollies and moving trucks well-oiled and properly maintained to keep them efficient and functional for all sorts of moving jobs. We take all sorts of precautions to make sure that nothing unfortunate happens to your belongings during the move. If anything does happen, we are fully insured, so you can bet that any mishap will be recompensed accordingly.

We at General Movers, Inc. aim to keep your moving experience safe and stress-free. If you have any doubts, our staff can explain the precautions and safety nets that we have in place to ensure that your experience leaves you with as little worries as possible. Rest assured that our fully-licensed and uniformed moving crews will take all the necessary steps to keep your belongings safe. At the end of the day, we will leave you with all your belongings intact, and at an affordable hourly rate. We also handle small moves of less than 15 items at a flat rate.

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