Moving to Small Spaces and Moving Services

Moving companies and small hauls

Here’s where it becomes somewhat technical for those who want to move, say, 10 items or less. Unless you are able to find movers in Southeast Michigan that allow for such small moving services, chances are, you’re going to end up paying for more if you don’t want to move your items by yourself. In most cases, they would expect you to be able to transport your items on your own. Now, it’s not that they do not want to help you move, it’s a matter of pricing. The issue arises when people expect movers to lower their prices given that they only need to move a certain number of things. This would cause moving companies to lose money, which is never good for business.

There are options on how you can utilize the services of moving companies if you don’t have the means to transport your items. You can either rent the whole truck or you could request your items to be picked up during another person’s move (given that the transportation route is the same). Take note, however, that if you are going to rent the whole truck, you are guaranteed that your items will not be mixed with other people’s cargo. But expect that you will have to pay the standard price despite the limited quantity of your haul. If you do opt to have your items picked up along with another person’s haul, you run the risk of mixing your items with theirs so make sure to label your items properly or use distinguishable boxes so as to avoid such incidents.

Nature of small haul pricing

This doesn’t mean that your search for a company willing to do small hauls is slim to none. There are in fact, companies that cater to such requests so don’t stress about it too much. If you do manage to partner with one, they would usually charge you based on either of the following:

  • The weight of your haul
  • The number of containers you will be using for your items
  • How much space your items will take up in their truck

And while some companies would charge you a certain amount for small hauls, there are also those companies such as us who offer flat rates. This would bypass all necessary processes such as weighing and measurements, thus making the moving process a lot more convenient for you.

Benefits of small haul services

Small hauls aren’t all that bad. With normal moves, there are usually hidden fees associated with them. Companies calculate the pricing based on factors such as weight, manpower, distance, and holiday fees (if applicable) but because your items are considered small, you benefit from prices that are calculated on poundage. This would equate to prices significantly lower than that of normal hauls.

As stated above, General Movers Inc. offers small scale moving services at a flat rate. So if you’re looking for movers in Southeast Michigan that can provide such moving experience, we are the right people for you. We provide flat rates for items that amount to 15 or less. This means you don’t have to go through any weighing or storage-related calculations for the price. We guarantee competitive pricing that’s light on the wallet but heavy on the care.

For more inquiries, give us a call or send us an email. You can also head to our CONTACT US page and fill out the form provided for you. For moving services, big or small, partner with the best professional movers in Southeast Michigan. Hire General Movers Inc. for your next move and experience outstanding customer service!


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