Moving Like a Pro – How Do You Do It?

Movers, not only in Southeast Michigan but also in all other parts of the world, can all agree on one thing – moving can be a colossal pain in the derrière. But what makes it so? Isn’t it considered an exciting experience? Well, if you think about all the new places you get to visit and all the new people you get to meet, then it sure is! That is – until you face the inevitability of packing up all your possessions.

There are people who thrive in organizing all of their belongings to a T, but then again, there are also people who simply prefer the “organized chaos” of their possessions. For people like those, organizing everything to fit into boxes and luggage and other containers is bound to be a complete nightmare. Luckily, there are ways to help everybody make their packing experience a little better. But for expert movers in Southeast Michigan or wherever you are, packing anything is sure to be a breeze.

So let’s get to it! How does one move like a pro?

  • • First, before anything else, create a packing timeline. Why? As a beginner, you’ll wrack your brains out trying to figure out where to start packing! So, to help you go through the motions like a pro, schedule which ones you need to pack first so you don’t go digging around mounds of boxes looking for something you shouldn’t have packed yet.
  • • Second, make use of your trash bags. For what? Stuff your pillows in there! A standard kitchen-size trash bag usually holds 3 throw pillows and 2 regular pillows. Not only does it help you pack them properly, you can even use them as cushions between your furniture!
  • • Third, label your boxes and don’t forget to use colors and numbers. It’s always useful to label which goes where so that when you finally unpack, you’ll just have to put the right boxes in the right rooms. Not only will it be of great help to you, it’ll also help your moving service unpack your belongings in an organized manner.
  • • Fourth, since you’re moving anyway, now would be a good time to go through your clothes and see which ones you won’t ever wear again. Don’t bother packing those at all. The same goes for everything else that you own. This doesn’t just make the load lighter, it’ll also help you clear out stuff you don’t really need anymore and help you make space for things you will eventually need in your new home.
  • • Fifth, keep your essentials within reach. Stuff like keys, prescription medicine, and the like, are things that you want to keep on your person or within reach when moving to a new home. Doing so will help you avoid panicking when you can’t find them. Also, fill one luggage with things you’ll immediately need like a new set of clothes, shoes, and toiletries so you can just doze off if you haven’t got the energy for unpacking yet.

To help make your moving experience even easier, you can just hire a moving service to do it all for you. Not only do they know all the best and quickest ways of packing, they’ll also move all your stuff to your new home in a jiffy. For the best moving experience that movers in Southeast Michigan can get, hire General Movers Incorporation now! Simply call us at (734) 624 8305. And remember, we know all the right moves for moving.


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