Millennials and Moving: A Comprehensive Discussion

This might be one of the most popular topics that movers in Southeast Michigan are currently arguing about.

Millennials, the generation that’s confusing the minds of earlier generations. From food preferences to moving trends, there is no doubt that they are showing signs of deviation from the norms set by Gen Xers and baby boomers. But let’s talk about the latter trend. What is happening with millennials these days that seem to defy the tradition of moving in the United States? Let’s lay out the facts about their moving trends and come up with our own explanation as to what causes them to part from the so-called “moving culture”.

In an article created by Refinery29, it stated that in 2016, millennials have been reported to move less than the generation that came earlier. In fact, they estimated that only around 20% of the U.S.’ total millennial population has moved; a significant decrease compared to the 26% of Gen Xers who came before them.

So, why? Well, it has more to do with the recession than preference. In a survey presented by Porch, it states that millennials are thinking more about the practicality of moving. Unlike the earlier generation where they’re willing to take the risk of making it big or going bust regardless of where they will move, millennials are said to base their moving preferences on the economy of both their own area and the state which they will be moving to. If migrating would provide better opportunities for them, they are willing to go through the endeavor. But then again, there is also the factor of the cost of living. Just because the opportunity is great for them doesn’t mean they will move right away.

Let’s take California for example. The state is known for having one of the highest costs of living, but it does accommodate profitable opportunities. It offers a melting pot of culture and a sense of community which millennials also look for when moving. So, why is it not the top choice for the current generation? The answer is simple: practicality. Based on the same data, Minnesota is becoming an economic powerhouse that caters to a low cost of living and has even exceeded California back in 2016. Placing the millennial mindset into the picture, one would realize that they are taking into consideration both the cost of living and profitability.

Now that we have clarified that, we can tackle the other part of the spectrum — preference. It doesn’t necessarily mean that millennials prefer to live where they are until they retire but rather, they choose where they want to go. If they cannot find a suitable place to move into, they stay where they are and make the best of it. But let’s go back. Movers in Canton, MI are amazed at the difference between older generations and millennials. Before, earlier generations preferred to move to well-known states. In fact, it is reported that the states with the highest number of Gen X and baby boomer migrants were California, Nevada, and New York. But now, they report having millennial clients move to places like Nebraska, Wisconsin, and North Carolina; states that were considered below the migration radar. So, why? Again, it loops back to the country’s economy. Just because we have the recession doesn’t mean that every state would be struggling. Places like California have already reached their peak and are now, in a sense, stagnating in the economic ladder. But through population increase alone, those states that stagnated or underperformed back then are now soaring. Taking this into consideration and add the notion that millennials are willing to move given that it benefits them financially, you get the reason why they do not follow the norm set by Gen Xers and baby boomers.

Our viewpoint? Millennials, in our opinion, have their own way of viewing the world and how they live in it. Yet, they do not deviate that much from the universal standard. Moving alone is evidence enough that they still lean towards the goal of stability. The process in which they acquire it might be different, but the end goal is always the same.

Whether you are a Gen Xer, baby boomer, or even a millennial, the decision of moving from one place to another in this great landmass of a country would always have a reason behind it. Whether it’s job opportunities, stability, relationships, better cost of living, or what have you, you can rely on General Movers Inc. to help you out. While the process of migrating is already challenging, the process of moving your items is just as challenging.

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