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Livonia, MI – In the northwest part of the county of Wayne in the US state of Michigan lies the city of Livonia. It has a total area of close to 36 square miles, and a population of around 97,000 according to the 2010 census. Livonia is a large suburb with neighborhoods that were built back in the mid-20th century and maintained up until today. Are you looking for a moving service in Livonia, MI? We at General Movers Inc. have got just what you need!

The area that is now Livonia was originally inhabited by Potowatami Indians. The pioneers that settled the place from New England and New York were attracted by rich soil and abundant harvests. They brought with them the name “Livonia,” the name of a town in New York State, Pennsylvania State and a region of the Baltic Sea comprising present day Estonia and Latvia. In 1835, Livonia was declared a township and its boundaries were marked. What were previously forests of untamed wilderness turned into productive dairy farms and fruit orchards. Livonia transitioned from agriculture to industry and commerce in the 1940s, and in the year of 1950, the township of Livonia was incorporated into Livonia City.

Livonia prides itself in its “small-town sense of community” and its “big-city conveniences.” The local government has a strong emphasis on public safety and the city itself has one of the lowest tax rates in the Wayne County. Nearby, there is easy access to freeways leading to the metropolitan Detroit area.

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