How to Choose the Best Movers in Southeast Michigan

Getting the services of some of the most reliable movers based in Southeast Michigan does not have to be as painful as passing a kidney stone. While there are many moving companies out there, it is down straight tricky to pick out those that are reliable within the first 30 minutes of meeting with them. Here are some ways to determine if a moving company is reputable:

Get a walk-through. Any reputable company will make sure clients understand the process behind the move. The moving company should also openly discuss the moving day itself, their modes of transportation and their packing techniques. A comprehensive walk-through will also involve sitting down with the movers of the company and discussing with them all the items to be moved. A company that is willing to discuss this with you is one who won’t leave you in the dark about anything they do. This is a sign of a company you can trust, as they have nothing to hide from their clients.

Get estimates. It doesn’t pay to be up the creek without a paddle. So it’s best to always ask for a price estimate when dealing with any moving company to make sure you know what you’re getting into. This price estimate outlines the full cost of everything, including packing, transport, and hauling. Knowing this, you won’t have to pay for a service that you cannot afford.

Secondly, an estimate gives you an idea of what the company can offer and how reputable it is. A company that charges rates that are too low to be true may have hidden costs up their sleeves. At worst, these companies may turn out to be scammers. Make a wise judgment when it comes to considering prices offered by moving companies, and don’t believe you can get quality moving services for free.

Don’t pay a large deposit before moving. A company of movers that forces you to pay a large amount before the move raises red flags. This method of payment allows the moving company to run off with your money without assisting with the move. On the other hand, a reputable moving company will discuss payment with you and will charge accordingly.

Avoid companies that change their name often. Some companies that work with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) do business under many names. This means that when someone complains about their service, only one of the names will be tagged with a complaint. It is very easy for that company to then abandon the tainted name and continue doing business under the guise of a perfect BBB rating. While effective in keeping a pristine image, this technique is indicative of a company who cannot keep up with the demands.

Therefore, it is wiser to do business with a company that operates under a single banner. These companies are generally more responsible with their services and aim to keep customers happy and satisfied. To ensure that someone is using a single name for their business, always check business numbers and ensure that they are not being reused under a different website or banner.

Make sure they are licensed and insured. Insured companies are generally more trustworthy than uninsured independent firms. This is because insured companies can shoulder any costs that incur when accidents happen. If an accident ends up damaging a piece of furniture or a home appliance, for example, the company’s insurance will handle any costs which will compensate for such damages.

Additionally, there are licenses for movers in Southeast Michigan who transport items between state borders. The US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues a DOT number to these licensed interstate movers. This ensures that companies continue to adhere to state laws regarding moving and driving safety. A company without a DOT number should raise a large red flag.

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