How to Avoid These Major DON’TS when Moving

Surely you agree — while new things usually make people feel some excitement, moving from an old house to a new one can cause people a lot of stress. This is especially true for someone in a state like Michigan, which is a gigantic region with a huge body of water separating halves of it. Moving involves way too much effort and time, and usually, you’d have to pay for all kinds of services that would aid you; for example, services from professional movers in the Southeast Michigan area. Some people do their best to minimize these sources of stress, but doing so might actually just worsen the situation.

So how will you make sure that your move will sail smoothly? Here are 6 of the most common mistakes in moving, and how to avoid them:

1. You don’t care about checklists

Have you packed all your stuff? Contacted all the necessary people? Updated your documents? Done all steps needed? The thing is, you won’t really know — not without checklists. There would be no way for you to track the tasks you’ve already done, and there’s no way for you to completely recall the ones you still haven’t. That is, well, unless you’re a genius. But do you really want to risk it? With all the rush and busyness of your moving day, you might even forget to bring your pet along!

2. You forgot to tend to fragile items

Go ahead and put those ceramics and glasses in a box or two. No problem, right? Wrong! Fragile items are not supposed to be handled the same way as other objects, and if you don’t tend to them well, all you’ll see when you reopen your boxes are shattered pieces of expensive things now worth nothing. After all, if you don’t put a “fragile” label on the boxes and wrap each item in thick layers of bubble wrap, the movers from Southeast Michigan that you hired won’t be able to tell the difference. They might put these boxes at the bottom of the stack, or handle them more roughly than allowed since they’d think it’s alright. That’s not going to be their fault, it’s yours.

3. You believe that DIYs are less troublesome

You might think that completing all the tasks yourself would be more convenient since it would cost less. You think you can transport all your belongings by yourself or merely with the help of some friends, and complete all tasks well.

That’s some high confidence you’ve got.

But you forget to realize that professional movers are called “professional” because that’s what they are. They specialize in these kinds of tasks, which means they know how to do all the procedures like the back of their hand, and they can handle your belongings in the most proper way possible. So before deciding if you can really wing this DIY approach, you must research the necessary steps and procedures of moving first and determine if you can really do it. Don’t risk destroying your stuff with your own hands in the process.

4. You hadn’t researched about the moving company you hired

You decide to settle with the first company you found, or with the one having the cheapest rates. Then you realize too late that your items aren’t insured, their employees are careless, and their customer service is poor. Who’s to blame but yourself — especially if you hadn’t researched beforehand? It’s going to be your fault if you end up with a cheap company, just because you neglected to learn and find out more about them.

This also includes cost estimates. You have to make sure whether the prices that a company is offering you already includes all the tasks you need, or just one.

5. You have hoarding tendencies

You just can’t let go of your belongings, even if you have no need for them anymore. But what happens afterwards? You end up with so many boxes that you would have to pay for to your moving company, even though the items in them are merely unnecessary baggage. You’re making your life more difficult and without a just cause.

What you want to do instead is plan ahead on the items that you really do need, and let go of the others no matter how hard it might be for you to do so. Ask yourself: “Have I used this in the past year or two?” If not, then throw them away because that means you no longer have any use for it. Or better yet, hold a garage sale and turn those unneeded items into money! And if you’re too sentimental about something, why not take its photograph and keep that instead of the actual, bulky, heavy object?

6. You forgot to update your address in the post office

Last but not the least: you assume that everything’s done after you’ve moved, unpacked, and settled down. But then you start to wonder why your credit card bills have stopped coming, or why you have ceased receiving letters from friends or issues from the magazines or papers you had subscribed to. Can you think of how these situations can spiral down into a huge problem? You should, because it will haunt you and bite your behind in the end if institutions and other companies don’t know you’ve moved. So make sure to update your address in the post office, as well as in your banks and other necessary places holding your information.


To put it simply, although the enumerated items are common mistakes, they all lead to nothing but problems. And if you want to make sure that your move progresses without a hitch, avoid these mistakes by making your checklist, researching properly, and planning ahead. We at General Movers, Inc. are highly skilled movers in Southeast Michigan, and we can assure you that we can minimize the stress levels of moving day for you. We are professionals, so you can trust that we will transport your belongings with care, as well as complete all our services for you in the most efficient way possible. So give us a CALL or send us an email to inquire about us and our services. We have all the services you’ll ever need!


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