Gears of Moving: The Arsenal of Moving Companies (Part 2)

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Imagine yourself hiring a team of so-called professional movers for your big move in Southeast Michigan. You’ve already read about the telltale signs of scamming to watch out for, and you’re certain that the company you’ve chosen has enough people to ensure that your move proceeds without any hitch. And so, the moving day finally arrives along with your chosen company. But you don’t see them bringing in moving tools and equipment with them as they fetch your belongings and load them on the truck.

What would you feel in this case? Won’t you feel scared for your item? What if the moving team drops them? Well, we understand your sentiments. And that is why true professionals will never take on a moving job without using the necessary quality moving equipment. If a company really wants you to feel secure with them, then they will always make use of at least a few such tools for moving during their operations.

So what equipment do professional movers use? We’ve already talked about some of these common materials and equipment in a previous blog, as well as how each of them can contribute greatly to every moving company’s work. For this blog, we’ll be tackling a new set of equipment for movers, both those in and out of Southeast Michigan:

Moving Straps

What are moving straps?

These are one of the most basic materials that your local movers in Southeast Michigan use since moving straps are for lifting bulky belongings safely, especially those without handles. They prevent back strains and other possible injuries caused by lifting. Also, in the case that these pieces of furniture can’t fit through the doorway, your local moving company can go for the option of hoisting them down the window or balcony safely with the use of straps.

How do moving straps work?

It might not sound like a smart idea to hoist a refrigerator or a wardrobe down the balcony, but rest assured that the straps used for this job are secured around your furniture tightly in a way that removes any risk of the furniture slipping off. Such moving straps for furniture are also engineered to be able to carry heavy objects, so you shouldn’t worry about them suddenly snapping either.


What is the purpose of rope for moving?

Just like straps, ropes are used to secure your belongings during a move. The difference between straps and ropes, however, is that ropes are for packing as well. So what kind of rope is for moving, you may ask? Well, these are not like the typically braided ropes that break easily; they’re designed to support and move heavy loads and can look similar to those used in mountain climbing. Some can even be used as part of a pulley to haul heavy furniture easier.

Meanwhile, the ones for packing are designed differently from the first one, as they’re meant to seal and secure packages instead of carrying them. They don’t necessarily need to be strong enough to endure a massive amount of weight.

Packing/Packaging Materials

What are the essential packing materials for moving houses?

You may have an idea or two about the appropriate packing materials for a house move. This may include packing tapes, moving boxes, scissors, bubble wrap, packing paper, and whatnot. However, you may not have known that these materials do not necessarily have to come from your own wallet. In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that professional companies also provide moving equipment, such as crates, foams, ropes, and other packing materials for both fragile items and others.

Furniture Sliders

Why do you need furniture sliders for moving?

Furniture sliders, as the name suggests, are items that help in moving furniture across your room without damaging your flooring or carpet by serving as cushions on the object’s base or footing. There are also types of sliders with wheels on them. What a professional moving company will use would depend on their internal methods and the furniture itself that’s involved.

Piano Board

What are piano boards?

Piano boards, in moving, are a specific type of furniture slider that’s meant specially for — you guessed it — pianos. Unlike some beds and wardrobes, it’s not possible to disassemble grand pianos and other huge types of this instrument for transporting and then put them back together again afterward. And since they’re delicate and expensive, professional companies understand that they must take all precautions to ensure this piece of furniture’s safety. You’ll recognize this equipment right away as it looks like a skateboard with cushions.

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