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General Movers Inc. is a company of commercial and residential movers in Southeast Michigan that makes sure to give you “the best moving experience you’ll ever have” whenever you work with us. We are courteous, professional on the job and are experts in the moving business so you can be sure that all your things, furniture and appliances are handled safely and securely.

In every project, we provide FREE protective wrap for all your things. This protective wrap actually does more than you might initially think. Read more to learn about how this kind of wrap can be beneficial to the overall safety of a move.

  • Product protection – When wrapped around your things, protective wrap acts as a shield warding away dirt, dust, moisture and other particles that float around outside.
  • Load stability – Shifting can be a significant issue when loads are handled. Sudden, unforeseen circumstances can result in load shifting, ending up damaging your property. With protective wrap, items are kept tight and in one piece, which relates to the next point,
  • Improved handling – Safely keeping your items in one piece means that you can pile them in better stacks, making things more efficient while still maintaining safety for both of the handler and the items handled.
  • Theft-security – Protective wrap if applied right can also serve as a theft-proof shell for your property. Thieves and people up to no good will have a hard time picking valuables out of a thick, tight layer of wrap. Some kinds of protective wrap also come in opaque tones, effectively concealing anything under it.
  • Bonus: Recyclable – Protective wrap is 100% recyclable and if kept clean can be recycled for cash. This helps keep it out of landfills and reduces waste overall.

Check out our gallery of pictures and previous works below to see for yourself the quality of work that we’ve done as professional commercial and residential movers in Southeast Michigan.


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