Don’t Listen to Them! 5 Misconceptions about Moving Services

There are tons of misconceptions spreading all across the Internet about moving companies. Movers in Southeast Michigan to movers in California are affected by these misconceptions. While some are actually so easy to dismiss, there are those that seem so legitimate that some people believe it to be true. And even if some of these misconceptions – those that are considered harmless – may be debunked and ended when the movers arrive, some are so destructive that it may compromise the moving day itself or worse, even your life. We’ll brush on some of these myths and misconceptions and hopefully, stop them from spreading to other people.

Here are 5 misconceptions about moving services, ranked on the harm scale from harmless to fatal.

Riding shotgun (harmless)
No, riding shotgun with the movers, or getting inside the truck is a simply fictional situation used in movies. They try to depict a conversation between a random helper and the client which, in reality, doesn’t happen. Professional movers would require you to have your own means of transportation. When moving day comes, you are responsible for moving yourself from your point of origin to your destination. Some companies have reported people asking them if they should hop on board the truck. The answer there is a simple “no”. Sorry, guys, but there will be no heartfelt conversations happening between you and the movers down the road anytime soon.

Moving companies are expensive (grazing)
If you are one to simply search the phone book for the first moving company you come across, then that would be possible. In reality, though, there are a lot of moving companies out there who offer exceptional services without having to break your budget. All you have to do is put in extra effort. It’s only time-consuming the first time. But you won’t be moving anytime soon, right? Unless you are planning on moving every month, there is no need to develop such ideas. And besides, you’re doing yourself a favor by looking for lesser expensive options for the move.

They are liable for ALL damages (traumatizing)
Unlike the assumption of moving companies being expensive or you not having the chance to get in the moving truck which would only “graze” you, assuming that movers would be liable for ALL damages incurred during the moving process can leave a lasting effect on you, especially if the damaged item is sentimental or expensive. It would later be really traumatizing once you find out that you wouldn’t be getting the full insurance of which benefits you thought you had. So, here is a rundown of how movers operate in terms of damage liability: Moving companies are required by law to cover $0.60 per pound per article. So if you have a 300lb piano that got obliterated during the moving process, your moving company would only be liable for $180. Now, this is only a guide; some might provide higher coverage while some might simply give you the bare minimum. So if you want to avoid these issues, better hire movers, such as us, to help you transport your furniture or items across Southeast Michigan.

Being organized doesn’t matter (damaging)
We’re now moving to the more serious misconceptions. Myths that, if accepted as fact, might really cost you your entire life savings. There are some accounts where people would assume that once the movers arrive at your house, they are responsible for identifying your items. This means that some expect movers to be able to easily distinguish which boxes contain ceramics from those which hold the pillows; a mega box containing clothes from that which contains the electronics; or that which contains antiques from that which holds dollar store items. With this mindset, some people mistakenly go on to simply packing everything up without being organized. Unless you don’t care about the majority of your items breaking during the moving process and spending a ton of money on replacements (if in case they are), then make sure to do your part because some companies wouldn’t bother looking at the contents of the boxes before putting them in the truck.

If they operate, they’re legitimate (fatal)
Among all of the myths and misconceptions provided, none would take the cake other than assuming that all companies who operate are, in fact, legitimate. It is estimated that at least 25% of moving companies out there are operating without a license. This means that your items aren’t insured, you run the risk of getting your items stolen during the moving phase, and you’re putting yourself in danger by allowing them to enter your home. Don’t be a fool and make sure that the movers you are hiring are licensed. If you hire any mover under the assumption that all are legitimate, then you are putting yourself in a potentially fatal situation.

So, there you have it: 5 misconceptions ranked from harmless to fatal. If you want to be assured about the moving process and would really love to spare yourself from worrying about any of such unwanted consequences that these misconceptions may provide, hire movers in your area of Southeast Michigan who will definitely provide you with the best services available. Here at General Movers Inc., we offer impeccable moving services that covers pre-moving estimates, transportation flexibility, and unrivaled customer services. If it’s moving that you need, you know that you have the best movers in the business by your side. Remember that while it’s worth doing some research, and being mindful can definitely help out in your moving process, having a moving company you can rely on can make the experience a whole lot better.


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