3 Things to Do When Moving During Winter Season

Winter moving can be quite different from the others. There are added risks and circumstances that are present during this season that needs extra precaution to ensure that the whole ordeal becomes a lot more seamless. Even professional movers around southeast Michigan can testify to the difference of moving during winter can have compared to other seasons. And even though it’s small moves or bigger ones, said risks will always be consistent. So what can you do to make the moving process a lot easier for you and the movers you hire?

Whether it’s local moving or long distance moves, it is important to understand what you should do during this season. General Movers, Inc. provides you with 3 factors that make moving during the winter months a lot more streamlined. Check them out below.

Check the weather

While it’s true that moving requires one to plan ahead of time, there are certain situations during winter where you have to carefully strategize more than you would with a normal move. When preparing for a move, it is wise to understand that winter can be quite unpredictable, especially in southeast Michigan where one moment the sun is shining and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of a brewing blizzard. In such cases, moving companies recommend that you do your part by staying tuned with the weather. 

Though it may sound pointless, having a good idea about the weather pattern in your area can help you determine if your chosen date is feasible. It will also save you from risking your own safety during the move. What’s more is that by knowing the anticipated weather conditions in your area, you would have a better idea of when to actually proceed. Remember that particularly, residential moving service providers would most likely decline clients if the conditions become too risky.  If you’re a residential client who failed to anticipate events such as weather changes, you might just end up being more stressed than usual.

Clear the driveway for the movers

As stated before, it is vital that you also do your part to make the entire moving process a lot easier. It’s no secret that both small move specialists and commercial movers would prefer easy access to one’s home. Just imagine having to walk through dense snow just to get to the door, and having to carry a number of materials outside and on to the truck. Even moving just a few pieces of furniture would be a daunting task considering one would have to walk through 3 or 4 feet of snow. And let’s not even start with parking! 

With this situation alone, one can determine that clearing the driveway and sidewalk can definitely help make the process a lot easier. It doesn’t matter if the ones you hired are small load movers or furniture movers, if you do not do your part, like a task as simple as clearing the way for them, the overall moving experience might not be looking good for you. 

Double check packaged materials

Both commercial and residential moving processes demands the careful packing of materials to ensure their safety and integrity before, during, and after the transfer. Although moving during the winter months may require further safety measures to ensure that your stuff would not fall victim to the season’s unforgiving grasp. Take clothing and mattresses for example. If they were not packaged with the right packaging materials, tendency is that they would develop mold. As one might already know, moisture from the air can lead to the fabrics becoming damp, and with southeast Michigan’s weather all too unpredictable (especially during winter), there’s a high chance that your clothing would develop molds during the move. This is especially true if you decided to pack your things in advance. If not packaged correctly, you might have a problem in your hands sooner or later. 

One simple but effective moving tip for both office and home moving would be to utilize the services provided by your local movers. They have the right packaging supplies such as specialized packing boxes and bubble wrap, as well as standardized packing methods to guarantee that your items are safe, secure, and relatively weatherproof. Office movers are particular as to the materials they use when packing a business’ equipment. Electronic devices can be susceptible to sudden fluctuations in temperature and humidity, so having the right type of moving boxes can definitely help in keeping them from getting damaged.

There are others that one should consider doing when you decide to move during the winter. But rest assured that if you do the right measures, you will be able to make the whole experience a lot easier. But even if you do, if the moving company isn’t willing to go the extra mile and provide you the right services you are looking for this coming winter, all your efforts will be for nothing. So make sure you choose the right company.

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